How to Use a Waffle Maker

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How to Use a Waffle Maker

A waffle maker is a must-have for any waffle lovers because it can create delicious waffles conveniently. Basically, the features are all the same for all waffle makers but more expensive ones normally have more features to boot. Before using a waffle maker, it is recommended to read its manual to maintain it for a long time. Listed below are some steps in using a waffle maker.

Prepare your batter for cooking

You can mix all basic ingredients in making a batter, like eggs, flour and baking powder. To add more flavor, you can put cinnamon, sugar and vanilla. You can also place some fruit onto them to add a twist to your regular waffles at breakfast. If you want to achieve golden brown and crispy waffles, you need to put a bit of oil in the batter.

Warm the waffle gird

After all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, you need to warm up your waffle grid. Secure the position of the waffle maker to make it lay flat on the surface without risking it from sliding around. You have to position the waffle maker away from the water. There are some cases wherein batter drips from the appliance, hence it is recommended that you place a small bowl under it.

Avoid scratching the non-stick plates

The non-stick coating of the plates are usually made of Teflon. It is important that you don’t scratch this coating because it might get into your waffles. This could make you sick. Moreover, the non-stick capability of the appliance may be lost if you scratched its coating materials. Hence, avoid using sharp utensils and only use a wooden spatula for removing waffles from the iron.

Spray some oil onto the waffle plate

Although most waffle irons ensure a non-stick feature, there are some cases showing otherwise. It is advisable to put some oil on the waffle plates to keep the waffles from sticking to the iron.

Scoop in the batter

Most models have indicator lights to signal ready-to-cook functions. If this lights up, then you can put your batter on slowly. It is advisable to pour the batter into the middle part of the iron to evenly spread it around at all sides.

Close the lid after pouring in the batter. While cooking, you may see some steam coming out from it. Sometimes, the top of the waffle maker may rise up because the batter expands as it cooks.

Wait until the waffle is already done cooking

Waffles are actually cooked when the indicator lights of the waffle maker signals it. Observe the side of the appliance closely because sometimes some batter may leak from it. If this happens, get a paper towel ready or a tiny bowl to catch the dripping batter.

If your waffle maker doesn’t have an indicator light feature, then you can watch the waffle peeking out from the unit. Watch closely if the batter has turned solid because that indicates that the waffle is already done cooking.

Open the lid carefully and examine the waffle

If the waffle is not yet cooked, close the lid and wait for a time. When the waffle looks crispy and golden brown, you can remove it softly. Be sure not to scratch the non-stick coating of the waffle plates. You may use a spatula for this procedure.

After removing the waffle from the iron, you can close it. You may plate your cooked waffle with any toppings you prefer such as syrup, whipped cream or fruits. It is best to eat the waffles while they’re still hot.

Clean the waffle maker

When you are finished baking the waffles, you must unplug it from the outlet and let the iron cool down by opening its lid. When the appliance is cold, you can start cleaning it with a dish towel or paper towel. To make sure that all remnants are removed, wipe down the iron surface on all sides. The exterior part must also be wiped for batter spillage. After cleaning the unit, you can store it on your counter top.

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