Presto 03510 Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker

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Presto 03510 Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker

The Presto 03510 Flipside Belgian waffle maker cooks extra thick Belgian waffles quickly. It is built with a rotating design feature which allows you to turn this appliance 180 degrees for fairly-spread batter. This assumes to offer you some good-tasting waffles that are crispy outside and soft within.


  • Rotating design which enables you to flip the waffle maker 180 degrees to lay out the batter for better cooking
  • Extra thick non-stick griddles creates around a 7” diameter waffle
  • The base ensures simple rotation for cooking and serves as a compact storage lock
  • Exterior is built with stainless steel
  • Countdown timer to indicate when the waffles are completely cooked


Easy storage

The base of this appliance locks in a space-saving upright position for easy storage. This makes it easy to store on any area of the counter top. If you have a limited space on your counter top, this product is for you because it is a space-saving appliance. Simply let it stand on one end of your counter top and you can use it as much you want to.


This is one of the most budget-friendly waffle makers out there on the market. Its price is one of its advantages and it is best suited for those Belgian waffle lovers who are on a tight budget.

Fast cooking

This appliance can cook basic waffle recipes in a matter of 4 minutes. This is quite fast compared to other waffle maker models on the market. This makes it easy to prepare breakfast quickly, especially if you are in a hurry.

Easy operation

This appliance has a countdown timer which enables you to be warned when the waffles are already cooked. This allows you to multitask while cooking waffles with this appliance. Just don’t leave the kitchen because you might not hear the beeping sound when the waffles are cooked. Moreover, the non-stick plates makes it easy to clean the surface of the grids after use. Just wipe them off with a damp cloth or paper towels and you are ready to store it for the next use.


Grids are not removable

This is a problem to a small selection of consumers who have purchased this item. They have a hard time cleaning the appliance because they can’t take off the grids from the appliance. Although this may be the case, the cleaning process for this appliance doesn’t necessarily call for the removal of the grids from the unit. All you need to do is simply clean it off with a damp dish cloth because its non-stick grids makes it easier to clean the surface after use.

Exterior side of the appliance gets hot when cooking

A small number of customers have complained about the hot exterior during the cooking process. This is quite normal for all appliances which are made of stainless steel materials. If you are not comfortable with the heat, you can use gloves to protect your hands. You can also opt for another model which offer cool handles for comfort, like the Oster CKSTWF200 Belgian waffle maker.

Has no browning control function

A few customers have issues concerning the lack of a browning control function of this appliance. Although this may be the case, the appliance makes up for it by enabling you to adjust the baking time. Through this alternative function, you have the privilege to set the baking time to longer if you like to achieve dark golden brown waffles.

Comparison with other products

The Presto 03510 Flipside Belgian waffle maker is better in terms of storage convenience than the Conair WMK600 Double Belgian waffle maker because the former is a space-saver while the latter takes up too much space on the counter top due to its bulky size.

However, the Presto model only cooks one waffle at a time while the Conair model cooks two Belgian waffles simultaneously.

In comparison with the Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker, the Presto model lacks the browning function that the Cuisinart has. However, both models can be easily stored due to their compact designs.


The Presto 03510 Flipside Belgian waffle maker is a beautiful product based on its features and price. It is affordable, which makes it perfect for those waffle lovers who don’t have enough money to invest in a good waffle maker. This can also be suitable for gifts since it is compact and inexpensive. If you are looking for a sleek and inexpensive Belgian waffle maker, this item is for you.

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